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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> this is the fox report. a twist in getting out the vote. what governor announced you can e-mail or fax. and the latest with governor romney and president obama pushing through places to tip the election in either direction. >> we dream, we aspire, we reach for greater things and achieve greater things with new leadership. i want to fight for you and we have come too far to turn back now. >> the final sprint to the white house. hitting key swing states before the election day. latest polls show these men locked in a dead heat.
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fox report on the intense push to win points. also tensions and tempers are rising on the east coast, two and half million people survive without power for heat and it is getting cold. gas lines are stretching for miles as patience wears thingings. >> i can't move the car. it is empty. the latest on the clean up efforts and places left far by a monster storm. >> i am harris faulkner. months of back-breaking campaigning by governor mitt romney and president obama. whopping eight events by both men in one day. at one point they were in debuke, iwampt we'll check in on team obama in a moment and begin with governor romney stopping in new hampshire and
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iowa. and at this hour colorado to make sure supporters are fired up. the choice between the last four years and a different path. >> the same path means 20 trillion in debt and crippling unemployment and stagnant wage growth. we have to change course because unless we do we'll look at another recession. do you want more of the same or real change? >> chief political corpondant carl cameron on the move with the romney campaign. he used the president's own rhetoric against him. that's right, harris, since yesterday when he had 20,000 people or more in a major rally in ohio, mr. romney is
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using president obama's own rhetoric about voting against him. the president suggested that his supporters should vote for revenge mitt romney in colcalifornia spring and dubuque threw that back at the president. >> today president obama it was yesterday, you probably heard about he asked supporters to vote for revenge. i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> mr. romny -- mr. romney said that over and over and over again in an attempt to cast mr. obama and his presidency as one of division and suggest he will unite the country and reach across the aisle in a bipartisan way.
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the romney complaint is that president obama made promiseless of hope and change and couldn't deliver. he couldn't because of grid lock that he caused. he simply doesn't have an administration to get things done. >> analyst said it is it like a courtroom where attorneys make the closing arguments. it is getting last, but we are hearing new lineups. >> that's right. and when you have the campaigns packing their calendars as busy as they have in 73 hours and change. every change of rhetoric balk becomes significant and today governor romney made the argument over the four years of obama era, the country's confidence and attitude of americans are degraded by ongoing great recession and conflict in washington and inability to find political
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resolution . mr. romney issing restored confidence. >> three more days . three more days we can get to work rebuilding our country. and our confidence becomes resphored and our conviction is stronger and confidence that we are on a solid path of steady improvement and college graduates coming out of school and getting good jobs and confidence that single moms working two jobs will have a job and better shot. november 6th, tuesday, we come together for a better future and november 7th we will go to work. >> and as we begin to wrap up the live shot, we have rolled live on one of the romney motor cade and off to englewood, california and if the lighting is back for tv perfectionist. the sun is low in the sky and we are taking a lot of corners
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and we are bathed in sun light and shade and assistants trying to keep the shadows off of us is a great yoeman's effort. >> you always shine from inside out carl. and there is a delay because you are in a moving vehicle we appreciate the report tonight, thank you. now, we'll go to team obama in a weekend campaign blitz and the president campaigning with john melan camp in the swing staste iowa. speaking i recaller today . he jabbed governor romney's plans for the white house. >> governor romney, now is a very talented salsman, and so in this campaign he's trying hard as he can to repackage
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the same old ideas that didn't work and offer them up as change. >> chief white house correspondant ed henry is in dubuque, they have met both candidates today. >> and that's right. it gives you the outside influence of iowa here. romney came here to a small town in a small state and the president just wrapped up his rally and trying to turn out the vote. only six electoral votes in this state and you an idea how in the top of the ticket. they are fighting for every electorial vote each one has to get to 270 and a state like iowa could change. but the president realizes in 2008 it started here in iowa as the change agent and the new flavor and now incumbent and romney is saying he change
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trying to knock the president out. and the president trying to stease - seize the mantel back. if he can win iowa and ohio in the midwest and he will be hitting all weekend, they believe he can build a midwestern fire wall that will prevent romney from getting to 270 electoral votes. >> a few moments ago. we could see this is it a relatively small one and what kinds of crowds is it the president drawing in the last couple of days? >> it is it 5,000 people in fairness dubuque. and in the last top in milwaukee he had 20,000. and showing enthusiasm in wisconsin and the democrats hoped to locked down and they have not because paul ryan is on the republican ticket. in the milwaukee, he had katie pery and that turned out to get a bigger crowd this
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weekend, he will do that to bring out stevey wonder and jay z and hollywood celebrities and singers and et cetera to make sure he can build the crowds and show enthusiam. >> we will have more on the latest developments in the presidential election and campaign. bret baier will be here in the studio live tonight inside of the fox report. >> in new jersey, a big announcement a short time ago from governor chris christie. for all of those concerned about voting in his state. after super storm sandy, the governor said they can vote by e-mail and fax ordering county clerks to open up the offices so residents affected by sandy can cast their ballot. >> you don't have to wait to vote. go there and in person you will get a ballot and hand it in and you are done. >> the governor knows how to
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put things said paper ballots will be made available in poling stations that do not have electricity. storm is forcing other to handle the voting challenges after the storm on the list. washington dc and north carolina, we'll keep you posted. recovery from sandy is a slow one from people in the northeast and power is finally coming back on for some. a long way to g. concerns about a new torm we are learning a nor'easter that is forecast for the middle of next week. it appears that new storm could bring high wind exercise we don't need that andev herain to the region that is devastated. ? staten island, new york is surreal but has begun. parts of the new york city burrough was destroid and people who live there are forced to start all over again. power is out for one million
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customers state wide there. it is an impruvment down from 2.2 and new york, million people dealing with no heat as the temperatures dip into freezing. there are warming centers to provide relief. getting around is a big issue for people. 80 percent of the subway service is now restored and there is limited trains coming from jersiers and some of the tunnels remain closed. that makes it difficult and lines for those who choose to drive. it is getting longer in new jersey and new york. the defense department setting up emergency mobile gas station. there is a limit 10 gallons a person. mayor bloomberg said it would be a big relief. >> i am optmistic in a couple of days, the shortage will disappear and relatively
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quickly. it takes time to get the fuel from where it start to where we need it >> that is it what words fopt is hear. quick, quickly david lee miller. so many people there first feeling forgotten and now up close we see what they are dealing with. >>ers are tough and those new yorkers who live in staten island are among the toughest. there is a sense was solidarity and people sticking together in great adversity and there is a special donation center that is now in operation and at this particular location, staten ilaners are helping one another. those who have are giving to the have nots and bringing food and water and clothing. >> and also on staten island. fema and the red cross and other agencies, some of which
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were critized by authorities for not coming sooner. staten island hardest hit and in addition to the physical recovery there is an emotional recovery. we talk tod rob who lived 200 yards from the ocean. his home was badly damaged and he lived here 11 years and he described to me behatook place in the height of the storm, even though five days ago, he was brought to they're tears. >> it was the most horrifying thing i went not soap much for myself. my daughter and my animals and other than that i didn't care about anything else. i yust wanted to make them safe. i seen the water across the street and within five minutes. i had three feet in the front and eight in the back. >> rob's family is it okay, but so far, 21idatings here on staten island, a figure they
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fire may go higher. >> wow, what a storm. >> it is by far the last thing anybody want to hear in the run up to the election, new concerns of voters fraud in the battle ground states. details and who is making them. stay close. customer erin swenson bought from us online today.
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>> new concerns about potential voters registration fraud in arguably the most critical of all swing states, ohio. the field works is accused of happeneding in new voters registration as some plagas fraudulent. eric shawn has more on this. it was something obvious to tip them off? >> really so. they looked at the list of 200 names that was plaged as potentially fraud lept and one
4:18 pm
stood out. that name. adalve hitler 666 hells street, believe it or not. it was submitted to the hamimenton county board of election and they went through it and what they believe is forgeries and fraudulent names and dupplicates. it was first plaged by cum tired to collect them. field works it is a washington dc van vassing. it is for progressive causes chairman of the republican party that is a member of the county's voters election. said that damages our democracy. >> any person that would engauge in that is serious to our democracy voting is highly irresponsible and potentially criminal. >> just last month here in ohio, this man pled not guilty and 28 year old field worker
4:19 pm
tim zirick. harris, his plea not guilty by reason of insanity. as for the other case, those names were referred to the prosecutor in cincinnati. >> thank you, at ing on the store tore for us. and harris. let me, are you still there? >> you have one more thing to tell us. >> yeah, we want to say what field works told us. we talked to chris galloway. he said they have a zero tol arance to possibly fraud . his statement sent to us and not only as the employee committing fraud and he's stealing frus. if we are not 100 percent sure we flag it and they fraught it to the attention and also cleveland, three fields workers were investigated for
4:20 pm
signatures that appear to be all the same. >> very important part of the store store. i apologize. i didn't know you had more to report and you did. thank you very much. >> absolute low. >> the search for the truth is intensifying. one that led to the murders of four americans. you know it our ambassador chris stevens and three others. we'll go live to washington for the latest developments. it is countdown to election day. they are in a final hectic day. and bret baier is joining us next with how the presidential race is evolving before our eyes with just three days to go.
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>> new information on the deadly attack in benghazi, lib yampt fooks news reviewed a classified diplomatic cable that shows the state department was warned about security concerns in libya. that came one before before the attack that killed embassy stevens. that cable shows the security situation was so bad they were talking about suspending concerns they are calling on a creation of a congressional committee to investigate up the events that led up to the mores of four americans. what are the chances of the committee coming together.
4:25 pm
>> it would take bipartisan support. they are in the minority part in the city. senator mccane hopes that they will put pressure on law makers top convene this committee. in part, we believe that the complexity and gravity of the warrants the establishment of a committee that conducts a interview of the national security involved. it is a select committee. it is more investigative power than a regular committee. >> people watching this store store may be wondering. now the obama team is asking for patience on the libya investigation. republicans are short on patience, what can you tell us? senator graham said there is a reason why the obama administration is not providing more details and answers on the libya attack. >> they don't want the truth
4:26 pm
to come out about benghazi, libya because if it comes out and crystal clear to the american people. it would show a failure of leadership by president obama. >> the obama campaign said they want to wait until the review board 99s the investigation before making assessment about the attack. the president is clear and our record showed it and as information became available we made it available to the american people it is it a tragedy and it is not time for politicizing the tragedy. >> the state department reports that it will be finished in december. >> thank you very much. >> it is it an all out sprint to election day. governor romney can vancing the state that could decoid the winner. nominees are pulling out stop
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to sway undecided voters. president obama stirring up controversy after something he said on the campaign trail. the comments that has the working to explain his word choice. stay with us. . where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days.
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>> i am harris faulkner and this is the fox reportment it is the bottom of the hour. time for the news. president obama and governor
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romney hard at work. both men trying to lay claim to the swing state that will decide the winner. that is 72 hours from now. we'll see the polls close. we are entering those hours now for his own take is anchor of special report bret baier. >> we are all working together as we move ahead for tuesday. >> hard to believe that we are finally here. >> we don't see surprises coming from the president and the stump speeches. but something from president obama is really getting a lot of reaction in the last 24 hours . people are wondering if it was written or ad-lib. >> at the time the republican congress and senate candidate by the name of romney. no, no. no. don't boo, vote. vote.
4:32 pm
vote is the best revenge. >> the president said something you may have heard by now that surprised a lot of people. voting is the best revenge. he told supporters voting for revenge. vote for revenge? let me actul what i would like to tell you. vote for love of country. >> and now obviously you are already seeing response from governor romney. he responded again. what did the president mean for the revenge line. >> he was responding to commercials that are run in ohio, and saying that the romney campaign is saying things that are not true and that's what he was saying and saying that people need to get out and express themselves with their vote. the romney campaign is saying in the final days, they want to focus on optimism and positivivity and focus on closing with a positive
4:33 pm
message. they used that line today that romney used on the stump in an ad already the fact they turned that around that quickly. they show you a powerful closing message for them. >> i likened it earlier to a closing argument in the courtroom x. both sides put that off. and what 10s to resonate with voters at that point. >> that defends. sometimes you think that people think that big ticket upon items and big ideas and the romney campaign is it thinking that the electorate is right focused on the economy. and that all of this is it about the pocket book and all of it is what poem feel about the economy and how they look about the next four years and about the next, how, how the next four years will go and working with the other party. if you listen to governor
4:34 pm
romney he talks about bipartisanship and working with democrats and that is coming across in the final 24 hours. >> stow much criticism for the current president for not doing that. and not enough reaching across the aisle. and you would think that the next person who would take office would do a better job and do it differently. talking about focusing on the economy. karl rove said today in an article or interview with washington post. he feels super storm hurricane sandy may have taken them off message. >> karl doesn't say that unless the numbers prove it out. karl is a numbers guy. he's looking at numbers some place that have stalled for the romney campaign. >> do we know which he's look at. >> he made a bold prediction for the romny. three or four points and i
4:35 pm
think that he's scaled back on that a little bit. he's still predicting a romny win but say that will be short of three or four points and i think you are looking at something that hurricane sandy stalled that momentum a bit. what that means in karl's mind, we'll have to ask him on tuesday night. >> it is it a coupem of days now. besides the presidential race, what are the hotly contested races. we'll look at senate and house races. there are a couple to pay attention tompt >> there are a lot of senate races that are hot race to watch. kane/alen race that is tight and it will decide the presidential race, it is it neck and neck george allen and tim kanehow the presidential race plays decide how it will play out. and in indiana, it should have
4:36 pm
been a republican win. murdoch race with joe donley, the democrat. it could go either way. right now the polls are very close and this one, you know, the senate balance of power could hang in one of these races. >> i want to go back to the presidential race before i let you g. you pointed out states and made me think of pennsylvania and how that is in play. you talked about indiana going red. and many people thought it would go blue for the democrats and what has changed on the ground in the spring states. >> enthusasm seems to go toward the republicans in some of the places. pennsylvania, republicans tell a store store how enthusiasm changed odds of the suburbs of milwaukee. it is it still a democratic
4:37 pm
place. if you talk to analyst it is it a place where it is charlie and the public. and republicans come in and the public is it pulled away. and the it is congress. it seems that pennsylvania is stull in the game pennsylvania and minnesota and michigan possibly. they are possibly inlet game. >> yeah, you saw former president clinton in minnesota. filmthey say maybe they are worried about that for the president. >> yes, where the campaigns are going and where they spend money. it is not just a head fake. it is usually defense. we know that in ohio. but something that makes him so a trend. >> if we see florida that is tight, and that will be a
4:38 pm
sign. virginia closes at 7:00. if that is going, i think we should see how the race is shaping up on tuesday night by seveno'clock. >> that is early. >> but that will tell us how the rest of the night is starting to shape up. it could be a late, late night on tuesday and into wednesday morning. >> that's what i am hearing the analyst >> brian: >> i closed my show, when i go back to dc, i will know who the president will be. i should have said i should know who the president should be. >> unless you delay your trip home. >> and we would love to have you. >> thank you for stopping by. >> ahead of tuesday, remember to tune in texas american special hosted by megan kelly and bret baier.
4:39 pm
we look forward to that. and now we want to go live to the swing state of ohio which i talk tod bret about. the intense ground game both are playing to get out the vote eric shawn told us fresh concerns about voters fraud. as you know, no republican ever won the white house without winning ohio. steve drown is live in the north central stave mansfield. steve, is it a begin that president obama will have a lead going election day there? >> everyone i talked to both sides of the fence, obama should win the early vote. but how much? the obama campaign made early voting a strategy all over the country to get early votes in. if there is a couple of real good reasons why. early vots don't. once they are cast, there can't be convincing of that
4:40 pm
vote. and it shrinks the universe of votes that you are talking. you can concentrate them on the votes and every campaign event in ohio mentions early voting and in every speech without fail. >> approximate no matter what you look like or started out. you can achieve the american dream. that's what we are fighting for. that's why i need your vote. and if you are willing to knock on doors with me and make phone calls with me early vote for me. and turn around on tuesday for me. we'll win ohio. >> early voting continues for four hours and monday for another six and half time, with the second half coming up on election day. harris. >> early voting and the advantage you are talk being with the president and more or
4:41 pm
less four years ago in 2008? >> it is looking like less. ap did an analysis 23 percent of run. and 29 percent are democrats and fren percent on the unaffiliated. they don't reg mr. #2: er by party here and they guess you participate in the primeras. and the republicans know that ohio has the early vote ther also out there prompt supporters to go after the coaxable voters . everybody we knew who voted for obama four years ago because of hope and change and now know it didn't happen. let's make sure we did everything in our power to convince them to go to the polls to vote and look back as a time we got our country on the right track.
4:42 pm
>> conditions believe that the ace in their pocket is election day. they will win election day. emphasis to try to blun the early vote and win election day and when ohio, and maybe win the white house. >> can you believe 7:42 on the east coast, we'll see polls close. steve brown is almost here. good to see you. >> thank you. >> and in another battle ground state. people coming out in droves and. look at it is it the final day of early voting here. long lines leading to waits in cases for hours. no one getting out of line and calls to extend the dead line because there are more people in line part of one neighborhood reduce tod charred rubble in hurricane hurricane sandy. >> we are in the scene of the heartbreaking devastation. >> in breezy point, new york. when a congressman becomes a
4:43 pm
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>> it was one. communities hit hardest by hurricane sandy. breezy point devastated by the massive fire. you have seen the heartbreaking images. and in the end, 131 homes were wiped out. it is it a picturesque communitiee nickname would the irish riveria . no more. congressman bob turner lost his home and jamie toured the wreckage. >> congressman, how do you describe it? >> it looks like a war zone. we see behind us here is the
4:47 pm
remains of 131 homes of my friends and neighbors for many years. >> how efficient is the effort. >> i was on the ground first hand in bell harbor and bird channel and people felt terribly abandoned for up to 72 hours. volunteer effort grass roots, they did what had to be done. the next level of government assistance was not and they are slow getting there. >> were you disappointed? >> well, i understand some of this is a lot of burrcratic missteps. and i have been on the phone practically hoars. some of the people in the top say it will be done and think it is done. you wait 48 hours, if you are in line only on emergency food
4:48 pm
from the state or the feds, you would be hungry. the new york city police department did a good job getting them out fire department getting them sent to where they had shelter. from that point. when they got back here. or those who didn't leave here, there was a lot to do and a lot left unanswered. >> this is your home. complete and utter destruction. you have now turned boo another victim? >> we will rebuild and you know, people get tough breaks and there is it a lot of sad store stores here. >> how will you recover in >> this is it a pretty tough crowd here. we are extra tough new yorkers. and this is it a great spot to rebuild and we will . well cheers to one georgia brewery for reaching out to help the victims of the
4:49 pm
northeast. anheuser-busch plant in cartersville will make water production and not beer a top priority. they will spend one million cans of drinking water to storm ravaged neighborhoods. anheuser-busch's reputation for helping those in need dates back to the san francisco earthquake in 19where are6. they have delivered more than 70 million cans of water to the disaster area. >> she is accused of abusing the right to vote. what she did to land in handcuffs and facing felony chargings. >> early voting in florida. record turn out. lines long. wait long. and they want more time. the latest information from the sunshine state and getting those lines back going gain
4:50 pm
and extending things. a live report coming up.
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4:53 pm
with this next store store, we are reminded you can vote early but not awn. just ask roxanne ruben. a woman in nevada facing charges with trying to vote twice. ruben cast her ballot last tuesday in the town of henderson in trying to vote in las vegas again. that is a felony. she is a registered republican and insisting she is innocent. nevada is a key battle ground state with six electorial votes at stake.
4:54 pm
>> coveted 29 electorial votes. and record turn out that ends today. and reporting wait times bill nelson is asking rick scott to issue an emergency order to extend voting hours through sunday. steve live in a polling station in tampa. and any chances they extend early voting? >> florida's governor will not extend early voting in sunday last people in line 7 o'clock tonight get to vote and there is a few left here in the tampa polling place. lines here one-two hours in the day and some places in miami-dade county, lines at some points in the day between four and five. they have a complicated and long ballot and len constitutional amendments on the ballot and people here being patient and consider
4:55 pm
their votes here in the key state were important. >> it is important to vote. no matter how old or young you are. i want my voice heard, i guess. >> and hillsborough county went with the winner of every presidential election since 1960 except one. four million people have voted early voting or absentee ballot. >> you have a quick question. you said that voting stops at seveno'clock p.m. but if you are in line you can stay and vote. >> that's right. they have voting officials at the end of the line and turning many people who arrived just after 7 o'clock. >> thank you very much. we have an important reminder for you. before you go to bet bed and an update. our country three days away from making history .
4:56 pm
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>> upon don't forget to stet your clocks back one hour temperature is it fall and we fall back . standard time returns at 2:00 a.m.. that means an extra hour of sleep for you except for the people in hawaii, most of arizona and u.s. territories that do not observe day light savings time. before we g. a long day of campaigning for governor romney and president obama and it is it notine over yet. the governor about to address a crowd in colorado and president on the way to virginia updates here on fox. and fox other storex is it america's lec head quarters . so glad you are with us. i am harris faulkner . at a tuned for huckabee from columb


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